Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and Online Fraud

Teachers are one of the busiest people out there. They are so busy that most of them have diverted their mode of socialization into social networking sites and online communities…

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Adjusted SF5 and SF6

Adjusted SF5 and SF6 in Compliance with DO 8, s. 2015 and DO 29, s. 2015

UPDATE: As of March 9, 2016 Sir Jonathan Diche, through School Forms Reengineering Team (SFRT) Facebook Group, uploaded a REVISED Adjusted SF5 and SF6 in compliance with DepEd Order No.8,…

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Modified School Forms

Official Modified School Forms From DepEd Website

Modified School Forms are the documents the serves as the core of school records in every school. These seven different forms with each having its specific purpose. The Modified School Forms you…

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Recognition Programme Design

Recognition Programme Design in Microsoft Publisher Format

Good day our dear teachers! Welcome back to DepEd Forum. During the past few days, a lot of fellow teachers have requested a Recognition Programme Design and today, we will give it…

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Computation of Final Grades

Clarifications on the Computation of Final Grades and General Average for Grade 5 and 6

Good day teachers! Please stay tuned for the official announcements from the Department of Education that will provide us clarifications regarding the computation of final grades and general average for…

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National Budget Circular No. 562

National Budget Circular No. 562 and Local Budget Circular No. 108

Earlier today, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has issued the National Budget Circular No. 562 and Local Budget Circular No. 108 that will implement the first tranche of…

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Reading Comprehension Exercises

100 Reading Comprehension Exercises in English with Answers and Explanation

Howdy teachers! Reading activities were proven to be effective interventions for a class or a pupil with a low level of comprehension  Today, we’ll be sharing 100 Reading Comprehension Exercises…

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Graduation Programme Design

Graduation Programme Design in Publisher Format

Graduation season is in the air and as it approaches, we rapidly feel the need to work on its details, starting of course with the graduation programme. Today, DepEd Forum…

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DepEd Forum

Welcome to DepEd Forum

Hi there teachers! Welcome to DepEd Forum! This site is an extension of our little Facebook Group (DepEd Forum). It serves as a home for free resources for teachers that…

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