Clarifications on the Computation of Final Grades and General Average for Grade 5 and 6

Good day teachers! Please stay tuned for the official announcements from the Department of Education that will provide us clarifications regarding the computation of final grades and general average for Grades 5 and 6 pupils. We will update this page once the DepEd releases the official guidelines. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Meanwhile, download the SUMMARY OF FINAL GRADES AND GENERAL AVERAGE FOR GRADE 5 AND 6 FOR SY 2015-2016 templates below. (Credits to Sir Jonathan Diche)

DepEd Forum

DepEd E-Classrecord Overview

With the help of volunteer teachers and division personnel, the central office has released an official electronic class record to be used by teachers (please read Deped Memorandum 60, s. 2015). These e-class record templates were developed with pre-programmed formulas pursuant to Deped Order 8, s. 2015.

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