Adjusted SF5 and SF6 in Compliance with DO 8, s. 2015 and DO 29, s. 2015

UPDATE: As of March 9, 2016

Sir Jonathan Diche, through School Forms Reengineering Team (SFRT) Facebook Group, uploaded a REVISED Adjusted SF5 and SF6 in compliance with DepEd Order No.8, s.2015 with the minor adjustment. “FIRST SUB COLUMN FOR INCOMPLETE SUBJECTS WAS REMOVED.”

New schedule for downloading forms will start on March 21 (tentative)

Download: REVISED Adjusted SF5 and SF6

Credits to Sir Jonathan Diche


For the past few days, there’s a buzz that goes around Facebook on groups on whether to use this adjusted SF5 and SF6 or just the original version released by DepEd. We are lucky that we have our ever consistent LIS Help Desk Team to explain the said matter.

Adjusted SF5 and SF6

On the 25th of February, Sir Jonathan Diche, through the Learner Information System (LIS) vesion 2.0 Help Desk Facebook group, posted the guidelines on how to use the adjusted SF5 and SF6. The said templates will be available for download at as well as here at DepEd Forum as early as March 3, 2016 (Tentatively).

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Adjusted SF5 and SF6 in Compliance with Deped Order 8, s. 2015 and DepEd Order 29, s. 2015.


  1. Do not inlcude Dropouts and Transferred Out (D.O.4, 2014)
  2. To be prepared by the Adviser. Final rating per learning area should be taken from the record of subject teachers. The class adviser should compute for the General Average. (leave it blank for *conditionally promoted).
  3. On the summary table, reflect the total number of learners PROMOTED (Final Grade of at least 75% in ALL learning areas), RETAINED (Did not meet expectations in three (3) or more learning areas) and *CONDITIONALLY PROMOTED (*did not meet expectations in not more than two (2) learning areas) and the Level of Progress and Achievement according to the individual General Average. All provisions on classroom assessment and the grading system in the said Order shall be in effect for all grade levels – Deped Order 29, s. 2015.
  4. Incomplete Learning Areas. The 1st sub-column refers to learning area/s that failed from previous SY but had been completed in the current SY. The 2nd sub-column presented the list of learning area/s that did not meet expectation during the current SY.
  5. Protocols of validation & submission is under the discretion of the Schools Division Superintendent.

– LIS Help Desk

The excerpts above were sourced from Learner Information System (LIS) vesion 2.0 Help Desk Facebook group. Credits to LIS Help Desk for their continuous hard work, particularly to Sir Jonathan Diche for constantly providing updates through social media.

So are we going to use this one? The answer is YES.

Download the Adjusted SF5 and SF6 below.

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