LET Passers Can Now Affix Licensed Professional Teacher (LPT) to Their Names


LET passers can now affix Licensed Professional Teacher (LPT) to their names. This is according to a Facebook post by Mangaldan, Pangasinan municipal councilor Aldrin Soriano.

“Board for Professional Teachers of the Professional Regulation Commission Vice President Dr. Paz Lucido said during the oathtaking ceremony of new professional teachers earlier today that the Board passed a resolution that the honorary title of professional teachers is now Licensed Professional Teachers or LPT. They can append such title after their name. Dr. Lucido meanwhile reminded that persons who have not passed the licensure examination for teachers but have used such title, shall be charged with a penalty.”



Whether you are a fresh LET passer or one who passed the exam previously, you can now proudly write your name with its corresponding professional designation as – Licensed Professional Teacher (LPT). Cheers to that!

Licensed Professional Teacher (LPT)

Have you ever wondered why doctors, nurses, and even accountants have their respective professional designations affixed to their names such as MD, RN, CPA? Well, me too. There were times when I and my friends who are also LET passers talked about the proper initials to be added on our names should the PRC release a resolution regarding this matter. Professional Teacher (PT)? Certified Public Teacher (CPT)? Think no more!

Source: Councilor Aldrin Soriano



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