High Quality Tarpaulin Layouts for Bulletin Board (3ft x 2ft)

Hey there! How are you teachers? It’s been a while since I last posted an article here at DepEd Forum. April was a busy month. I didn’t even feel the vacation, did you? Anyways, I am back with a huge and valuable share. Today, I am giving away three (3) tarpaulin layouts that you can use in your bulletin boards inside your classroom.

Tarpaulin Layouts for Bulletin Board

I created these layouts in Adobe Photoshop a few months ago. But before I give you the layouts, please read the following notes:


  • File Type: JPEG
  • File Size per file: 2.2MB – 3MB
  • Subject Areas: English, Filipino, Math
  • Dimensions: 3ft x 2ft

File Compression: Zip File (Extract the zipped file to see the layouts)

Who can use your tarpaulin layouts?

All teachers from around the country may use my layouts for FREE . You can either post it on your bulletin boards or use them as classroom posters.

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Can I publish and re-upload your layouts/designs on another blog or website?

No, these layouts are exclusively shared here at DepEd Forum.

Can I sell your tarpaulin layouts?

That’s a big “NO“. Let  me make it clear that I’m sharing these layouts for FREE! If you see anyone who will take advantage of my work by selling it to other teachers out there, please let me know and I’ll take the necessary actions.

How can I print these layouts?

Once you have downloaded the files, just copy and paste it into your flash drive or a disc and bring it to your preferred tarpaulin printing shops. The sizes are already indicated in the file names.

How much will I spend for the printing?

There are shops who print tarpaulins at a rate of 18 pesos per square foot but there are cheaper ones out there (lower quality).

3ft x 2ft x18pesos per square foot = the total cost per tarpaulin layout

3 x 2 x 18 = Php108.00

Since there are three layouts here, you’ll spend around 324 pesos for the printing.

How about you, how much will I pay you for these tarpaulin layouts?

Again, I want to reiterate that I’m sharing this layouts for FREE. Just a simple “Thanks” will do.

How can I download your tarpaulin layouts?

It’s simple. Just click on the blue download button below.

If the download link from the button above did not work, try downloading it from Google Drive. Click HERE.

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    • Ma’am that’s a zipped file po kasi. Use WinRAR po Ma’am, sa loob po ng file na yan ay yung tatlong tarpaulin layouts.

    • What’s the problem po Ma’am? Bakit po ayaw? There are 2 download links po sa itaas Ma’am. Kung ayaw po ng sa download button, try nyo po yung alternative link that I have provided. Also, please check your internet connection po. The download should be easy and without hassle po. THank you.

    • Hi Ma’am Kimberlyn, that’s weird po. It’s working fine po on our end. I have tested downloading it on other phones and computers at okay naman po. Please try to use another phone or computer po Ma’am. It could also be your connection po. Thank you.

  1. Hello po Sir DF! I could not download po. I’ve several times already but it didn’t work.

    • Hi Ma’am, pagka-click nyo po sa green download button automatic na po yan magdadownload. Just wait a couple of seconds po depending on your connection. Ano po ba ang lumalabas na error Ma’am?

  2. Thank you sir DF , you’re really such a generous man!I’m so proud having a teacher like you willing to share his work to everyone ,may the guiding spirit of our Lord be you wherever you are…

    • Good day po. Ma’am sa ngayon yan lamang po ang nagagawa ko pa lang. Kung mayroon po, ipopost ko po agad. God bless.

  3. Thank you very much DF for this. I am a rotarian and this is really helpful especially for my adopted school. God Bless you!

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